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Courtesy of Xenon Laboratories, you may quickly and easily find out what it costs (approximately) in your currency using the Currency Converter.  Enter the EURO amount in the first box, select your currency in the second table, and press the "Perform Currency Conversion" button. DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for errors in the Currency Converter page.   Its use is for reference only.   The currency converter rates are closer to 'Fixing rates' while rates used for payment are normally those used when purchasing a foreign currency.  If you need actual rates consult your bank on the day of payment.

Payment is accepted via MasterCard,VISA, pre-paid Money Order, Personal Checks, or Wire Transfer (applicable bank fees are your responsibility, we can't tell you what they are because they vary from bank to bank or among countries).  Please make sure you keep a copy of any bank transaction details for your records, or at least until your payment is verified.

All prices are shown in EURO and are subject to change without notice.

For an estimated price in your currency, see the Currency Converter.

To order or request further information about ordering write to sales@aspisys.com

Credit Card Orders:  Using e-mail (ORDER FORM), send us the following information:

NOTE FOR INDONESIA-BASED CUSTOMERS. Use wire-transfer or money-in-the-mail (at your risk).  No exceptions.

Wire Transfer Orders:  First, send us an email to obtain the bank account number.  Next, visit your bank and send the amount listed above in EURO plus applicable shipping costs (see below).  Your bank should be able to convert the total to your local currency adding whatever exchange fees are applicable.  We reserve the right to refuse and/or refund unsolicited or incorrect amount payments (note: refunds will be exclusive of any bank fees).

Money Orders or Personal Checks:  Make payable to ASPiSYS Ltd. and send to P.O. Box 14386, Athens 11510, Greece.  Registered mail is preferred but not required.  Payment must be in the EURO currency only.  PLEASE ALLOW TWENTY (20) DAYS FOR INTERNATIONAL PERSONAL CHECKS TO CLEAR.

Shipping Details and Shipping Cost Calculation

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Hardware products have an additional shipping charge. Software products are free of handling/shipping charges if delivered via e-mail (supply personal e-mail address when ordering), or when bundled with hardware, otherwise there is a EUR10 surcharge to cover medium, copying, and shipping expenses.


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