Shipping Cost Calculator (v.20160609)

We ship primarily with EMS. Delivery requires the recipient's signature. If delivery is to a different person than the one ordering, please specify the recipient's shipping name and address. If paying with a credit card, the recipient's name cannot be different from the payer’s name (for security reasons). Delivery to P.O. Boxes is NOT possible under this service.

To get exact shipping cost, either for combined items, eBay® items, or for specific destinations, please use the utility above. Use the total weight of your order as obtained for each item from Pricelist.

A fixed lower postage of only €10.00 is available thru regular post office service for nearly any destination but delivery time is about 5 days (for EU member states), 10 days (for USA/Canada/Non-EU Europe/Japan/Australia), or up to 1 month (for other parts of the world) and there is no tracking capability. For most destinations, delivery to P.O. Boxes is possible under this service.

For software products delivered via regular mail, there is a €10.00 flat surcharge per order for copying, shipping and handling. There is no surcharge for software delivered electronically via e-mail (when ordering, you must supply personal e-mail address and explicitly mention you wish e-mail delivery).

Download and run the program above. This is now a pure Windows application (no .NET required). This application is subject to change without notice, either to improve its functionality, correct possible errors, or update pricing information. Make sure you only use the latest version published on this page to get correct pricing.
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