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ASPiSYS Ltd. was founded in 1997 by two experienced engineers, one in electronics design, and one in embedded software design, with formal education both in US universities and elsewhere. Having completed several projects in various areas, they decided to team up and make their own business.

The company's staff has significant experience with medical equipment, RF transceivers, bank-note sorting machines (DeLaRue certification), radio and TV broadcasting systems, test & measurement equipment, access-control, assemblers, compilers, RTOS embedded operating systems, computer networking, client-server SQL based large scale applications, PCB design,etc.
June 2008: Became an Authorized Solutions Developer (ASD) member for Maxim.
Latest News
A peek of the RF section of our lab. (Click to enlarge.)
August 2007: Joined the MySQL Partner Program.
December 2006: Became a Freescale Design Alliance Member.
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Design and Development of Electronics and Software Systems
Since the commencement of our business we have done numerous projects (most under NDA agreements). Below you will see some random images from this work.
aspisys009009.jpg aspisys009008.jpg aspisys009007.jpg aspisys009006.jpg aspisys009005.jpg aspisys009004.jpg aspisys009003.jpg aspisys009002.jpg aspisys009001.jpg