B11 - 68HC11 Programmer with built-in bootloader (LEGACY)
B11 is a command-line utility that will download S19 files to any 68HC11F1/E/A/?? series of controllers.

It is sold separately (check our pricelist) or bundled free of charge with our F1 Board. In its simplest usage form, you just type B11 FILENAME (or "B11 .") to download FILENAME.S19 to your expanded mode F1 board.

However, it may also be used with other MCU such as the E and A series, both in single-chip and expanded modes. B11 can be used repeatedly while in the boot mode to load different files, setup the CONFIG register, or program both internal and external memory. You can safely interrupt the programming process at any time by pressing ESC, and resume later. A more detailed description is found in the F1 Board page.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A WIN32 version is currently available that should run in all 32-bit Windows versions (e.g., XP). If you own the DOS/Win9x version and need the Win32 version please contact us mentioning the registration name found in your original copy of B11 (type B11 <ENTER> to see the help screen that includes it).

NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Current version is 1.27. We no longer send out automatic updates, but you can always request your free update from b11@aspisys.com. You must include the registration name found in your copy of B11 to verify your request.

No further updates to this product. It will not work in Win7 64-bit or later.
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