FMS1 (FM Stereo Encoder - OEM board)
This is a high-quality low-cost FM Stereo Encoder for OEM use. It is based on full SMD technology to keep the size extremely small with maximum dimension less than 5cm. It can be installed inside any mono transmitter and convert it to a full FM stereo one.

The 19KHz pilot is generated via a crystal for absolute accuracy.

It converts left and right audio to MPX-encoded signal to modulate an FM transmitter (like our FM06TX-NV) for stereo broadcasts. It is of extremely high quality audio with a channel separation greater than 40db. It can be switched to Mono or Stereo thru an optional toggle switch. Left and Right inputs may be externably adjusted. The inputs pass thru a ‘brick wall’ 15KHz low-pass filter before multiplexing. The composite MPX output passes thru a 53KHz low-pass filter and amplified to provide a crystal clear stereo broadcast sound while you can adjust the output level from an on-board trimmer.
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