OS8 - RTOS for 68HC08 & 9S08
OS8 is a set of collaborating modules for the 68HC08 or 68HCS08 (HCS08 or 9S08) CPU that provides OS-called (or SWI / FCB for users of third-party assemblers) functions that allow, among other things, for simple to use pre-emptive (optionally settable as co-operative) multitasking. Full assembly-language source-code is available in case you want to modify for your needs. It is sold separately (check our pricelist) and is free of royalties for object code use for either personal or commercial projects. Not a fully blown operating system in the sense that rarely used "features" that many people find confusing yet unnecessary for most applications are not present saving precious memory. But make no mistake, this is a very powerful RTOS.

OS8 does provide most of the functionality of larger RTOS but with:

OS8 is based on field-proven code, which is being used in real-world 24/7 applications with excellent results. It has been optimized for the HC08/9S08 CPU instruction set capabilities. (For those familiar with OS11, OS8 is now a superset of OS11 while lacking only those modules that require an external data bus that currently isnít available for HC08/9S08 MCUs.)

NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Current version is 1.25. Request your free update from os8@aspisys.com. You must include the registration name found in your copy of ASM8 that came with OS8 to verify your request.

Each function is fully documented and there is also example code in source form to demonstrate how to use the various system calls. OS8 continuously evolves and registered users will be eligible to receive free updates as they become available. To use with most systems all you have to do is #INCLUDE the needed modules near the beginning of your program, then use a set of simple rules for writing your code in such a way that it doesn't conflict with the RTOS.

OS8 includes the following functionality (and more):

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