TVSender Modulator (PLL)
This is based on the popular TV PLL Sender. It is a color video/audio RF modulator / sender board for home or other use. You connect video and/or audio and send it via cable to all TV sets in your network. The video input can be from a VCR or VCP, a CCTV camera, a video mux out, etc. Reception is on a regular television set on VHF or UHF (any channel whose frequency is from 47MHz to 880MHz). The same unit is suitable for both VHF and UHF.

The most common use is the distribution of VCR/VCP to all TV sets connected to a common antenna. You can change the RF output channel on the fly. Just press the small push button. The transmission band is indicated by corresponding LED(s) which blink for each channel change. The output can be toggled between RCA Input and TEST mode. While changing channels TEST mode modulates a two-vertical-bar test screen along with 1 KHz sound that helps tune the TV set more easily.

The channel is saved internally for next power up.

This is a DSB unit. Product Specifications to be announced. Weight: 0.76g
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