KN-150 (KINO)
KN-150 RGsB (Sync-On-Green or SOG) to S-Video, Composite, & RF
RGB/RGsB to PAL/NTSC video and S-Video encoder designed for industrial video applications. It also has an RF Video Modulator for connecting it through the antenna to multiple TV sets! It is especially useful for recording the signal from video sources (e.g., cameras) that do not produce Composite PAL/NTSC video or S-Video signals. The color subcarrier is locked to the horizontal frequency using advanced Phase Locked Loop techniques. Input signal bandwidth is maintained on both the composite and S-Video outputs. The KN150 will auto detect (no-need to change any jumpers, etc.) the PAL or NTSC system, and the required sync signal from input allowing the Sync to also be applied as an external separate H-V or Composite Logic signal, or to be present on the Green channel (SOG). KN-150 will provide all possible video outputs for connecting it to any TV set including an RF Video Modulator output!
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