ASM11 Macro Assembler v12.30 [2022-02-14]

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SHA1: 4c4b9c4ab41d3dff60765670b73fb31e841f1aba
MD5 : 17cf8fb4bedddbe44305f375612cf66b

A very powerful command-line MC68HC11 cross-assembler that can generate source-level MAP files, S19, LST, ERR, and SYM files. No installation needed as it is a single executable file! Assembles many files in one command. Supports up to 255 (nested) INCLUDE files. Full path error reporting for smart IDE. User-defined (chained or nested) macros including (macro-level or local) loops, and parameter manipulation. Includes extra instructions (built-in macros), and several assembler directives for controlling listing, source-level mapping, tabs, case sensitivity, extra instructions, segments, etc. Automatic use of Direct Mode without possibility of phasing errors. Supports (nested) conditional assembly with user messages/errors/warnings. Up to 100 assembly-time symbol value assignments. Local labels within each main/included file, or user-defined scope. Embedded expressions within strings, messages, labels. Automatic use of zero-page memory pin/flag definitions with B[R]CLR/B[R]SET instructions. Not crippled in any way. DOS (GO32V2 DOS extender built-in), Linux i386, and Win32 versions available.

A brief explanation of the Download Selection to the right:

The ASM11_xx.ZIP file contains the full package (assembler, documentation, quick-reference [PDF], sample programs that demonstrate most of ASM11's features, and several support utilities that help convert from S19 to binary image, communicate with RS-232 devices, etc.).

Shadow11 is a Win9x program that can be used both as an editor for ASM11 programs and a simulator/debugger. It provides syntax highlighting to make your editing easier. You can print your code as it appears on screen with the colour and syntax formatting. You can also use the integrated simulator to test run your programs. Step into/over your code, set breakpoints, watches, etc.

Sim6811 is yet another simulator to help you catch bugs before running your software on a real MCU. I have been using it and it seems to work very well. Source code is available under the GNU concept. fake ids

BASIC11 is a very nice interpreter for the 68HC11. This is the original version with only minor changes to make it ASM11 compatible, but it is really simple to modify for different memory maps and/or to add functionality. If anyone knows of an official site please let me know.
ASM11d84.ZIP (Assembler, Docs, Utils, Sample Code). FREEWARE
Shadow11 (by Frans Gunawan), a shareware Editor / Simulator / Debugger / Disassembler that supports source-level debugging with ASM11.
Sim6811 command-line SCI-capable simulator.
BASIC11 interpreter by Gordon Doughman (including ASM11 compatible source).
Software written by others is presented here only for reference. I personally consider it good quality, but I make no "official" endorsements. You be the judge. Please don't ask for details about software not written by us. Contact the respective authors, instead. Thanks.
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