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A power-supply pack, door-strike, and optional rechargeable battery are NOT included.
The system is comprised of an electronic door-strike controller, a key reader interface, and a pair of factory-guaranteed world-unique electronic keys with key-ring holders (known as iButton). Additional keys and/or extra key reader(s) (to be connected in parallel) can be ordered.

An optional 9V rechargeable battery can be installed internally and kept fully charged at all times. This will allow several operations of the door-strike even during blackouts (so you don't get stuck outside waiting for the power to come back on).

To complete installation, you will need to add any external power supply 9-12VDC (not included), and any regular door-strike switch (like the one in the photo) that operates at 9V. There is an input on the unit that can be connected to a push-button switch to open the door manually without the key (normally from the inside), while the key can be used from the outside.

Place the unit inside the secured area, and the key reader on the outside. The key reader can be placed many meters away from the unit using twisted pair cable or CAT5 for even longer distances. A second after any registered key comes in contact with the key reader; the door-strike is enabled for about two seconds (default time), opening the door.

Advantages of using UNiLOCK:


Password-protected RS-232 connection (with optional programming adapter kit for PC connection) for detailed configuration, as follows:

Note: The current version is v2 and it is readily available for ordering. The original version (v1), however, is no longer available, or manufactured. Its usage manual remains on site only for reference by existing owners of the older version.

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